Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I joined three Christmas ornament exchanges this year. I love Christmas. While I am still waiting to receive my redwork exchange, it was a special treat to receive this one a bit early. Thanks to Stacie! She did a great job of picking something I would enjoy- both sampler motifs and sajou letters. Cute tassels too, don't you think?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Antique Redwork

Thankfully, my redwork project has been received by Murielle. These are my scans of the project. I dream of owning a digital camera someday. If you want to see the wonders of a digital photo compared to the scan you must visit Murielle's blog.

Murielle’s blog
Be prepared. The blog and gallery of a PCB member is a sight to behold.

A little detail about my project- The motifs are from a french book, Repertoire des Frises, by Valerie Lejeune. If I owned only this book alone, I could stitch for the rest of my life. My goal was to try to achieve an antique look. I love antique needlework and tools. Someday I plan to own some. For now, I must mimick it. The cushion is stuffed with wool. The thread is Vicky Clayton's silk floss in garnet, one of my favorites. The ribbon edging did not come out quite like I had hoped - it was hard! I know how I'll do it next time, so I have learned something and that makes me happy. Besides that, Murielle loves it, and that makes my heart glad.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Senorita Stitcher Stitches by the Seaside

This is the blog I used for a short while. I did not like the photo part of it. Everything about it takes too long. I'm using blogger now but I need to learn some more html tricks when I have some time.

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