Sunday, November 01, 2009

Elizabeth Roberts progress

Hey there! I thought you might like to see an update of my progress on Elizabeth Roberts II. I've only done bits at a time but have made fair progress. Did I mention I am working this one from the bottom up? I almost always stitch from the upper left so between that and the band you see one could get confused and think this is the top and that that band is part of the border but it's just a band and there will be more motifs above it.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Quaker Sampler start

I've been doing a fair job of stitching from my stash lately. A group I am in has begun a SAL where you choose a design that has to meet a minimum size requirement and stitch it within a specified time frame. I dug and dug and had a difficult time finding something that was close to the size requirement but not too far past it. I want to finish in the required time and thought I better stick as close as I can to the minimum requirement. Anyhow, this is what I finally decided upon. Elizabeth Roberts II is a Threads of Gold Sampler Reproduction with a quaker influence. Elizabeth I was dated 1775 but we don't know the date of this second sampler. The colors on this one are a little different. Not what I would normally choose. I am still contemplating changing out one very bright gold/yellow color. I might even start over. What you see so far is 40ct Light Examplar and DMC. I wanted to stitch with a single thread but I am not happy with the coverage even on 40ct. Perhaps it's the floss. Not sure. Maybe just a carryover from doing so much over one lately.

Annette's Knit Stash Giveaway

A couple of years ago I taught myself to knit. I don't know why but I just HAD to knit a pair of socks. Had to. I did conquer very basic pair using self striping yarn and a couple of dishcloths. I happened upon Annette's giveaway and would be so excited if it showed up in my mail. You can enter too!
ncluded in the Knitter’s Giveaway:

2 skeins Knitpicks Gloss in Concord Grape
1 skein Knitpicks Bare Laceweight
2 skeins Berocco Twist – pink/green
1 skein Lime & Violet sock in Katerine Hepburn
1 skein Dragonfly Fibers Eidos in Dragonfly
1 skein Socks that Rock Lightweight in Fairgrounds
1 set Knitpicks Options DPN – #3
1 40″ Knitpicks Harmony circular – #2
Socks, Socks, Socks by Elaine Rowley (not pictured)

Sounds like a pretty good haul to me!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A sleepless night and a UFO

Over the past year or so I seem to have developed insomnia. So far it hasn't gotten too out of hand. One night this week I gave up on the toss and turn and decided I would stitch. I've been wanting to finish some things I began and never finished and and this Plimoth Scissors Case is one of those I started a few years ago. I abandoned it when I was very dissatisfied with my cross stitch over one. I know I'll never be too thrilled with this one when it's done because now I can totally tell the difference between the methods I used. So here's an old progress photo and the latest. There was a bit of stitching time in between but not much.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Testing more


This is Heaven is My Hope from The Scarlett Letter. I got this for a screaming deal on the Legacy Board a few years back. It's been a WIP for quite some time. Lately it's been my focus piece.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Floss give-away, Limited Editions or Primitive, 84...

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Floss give-away, Limited Editions or Primitive, 84... : For the final give-away for  Christmas in July at Th...