Saturday, April 15, 2006

On my way down the bunny trail

I got this finishing idea from a friend. It's a small photo album.

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SB Exchange

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Even though I have over-committed myself yet once again, I am glad did it. How could I regret it? You saw the awesome sampler and stash I got below.
Now here's another. This one is from the Shepherd's Bush Ezboard. We had our choice to stitch either a tape measure cover or a fob. I am still working on mine.
Here is the beautiful one I received from Rani. She also included some lovely stationary items with pink floral hearts and a mouth-watering recipe book called Chocolate Treats... simple, sumptuous recipes for every chocolate lover. YUM

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Spring Samplar from Rachel

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Look what I received for my Easter exchange! It's been here a couple of days but I have been running ragged and forgot to open it last night. I could hardly wait to get home from work today so I could tear it open. I never expected such a generous gift. My goodness. Rachel stitched me the most wonderful sampler and even framed it. It's personalized with my initials on the top and she dated and initialed it also. I love every bit of it, I love the cute birds on the top, the strawberry border and the fuzzy squirrel and fluffy bunny. It is stitched on a fine count linen, perhaps 40ct. That's not all though! I also received a lovely Easter scarf. (Did you knit it Rachel?) And look! Something for a recent obsession of mine - a Lamb retractable tape measure. When you pull it's tale the tape measure is exposed. It is so cute. AND I got the chart for Attic Collection and the Finishing Instruction Pack signed by the designer Judy Odell, with a personal message to moi! She hopes I get a chance to stitch it :) I am really into trying to learn more about finishing techniques so this is just perfect for me. Rachel was the coordinator for the JAT Ornament exchange I was in. We have met again on another group and she is so smart, she knew what I would like. She accompanied it with a clever handstamped card. I am one spoiled bunny lover. My DH and I already shared the chocolate bunny.
I plan to wear the scarf to work on Monday.
Rachel, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!
(Please click on the sampler pic to display it more clearly.)