Monday, February 20, 2006

Stitching Friends Bonanza

I had the best time yesterday. Terri, hosted a get together in her home. I think this was the largest home gathering I have been to. Terri, me, Melissa, Jill, Laura, Debi, Nancy, Darla, Karen, Kathi, Laurel, Sandy and Sue. (I’ll add some hyperlinks in here later. I already did it but it got hung up and I had to start over.)
Anytime I’ve got to any sort of stitching gathering I get all revved up. It’s so inspiring seeing everyone’s stitched work. There were so many amazing pieces. Jill is a Chatelaine machine (gorgeous work!) but the christening gown she is working on really got my attention. As is happens, four of us are in a quaker round robin that is just starting. Terri had her silk palette and lots of fabrics to toss them on and she’s got a beautiful combination. It will be wonderful to stitch. Darla brought her framed The Sanctuary – it’s marvelous, of course. Well… on and on… went the show fest. It was so much fun! As a matter of fact, it was such a success that Terri has started a new yahoo group for us to organize our future meetings. I am so thrilled!
I’ve also had a little reuniting with quite a few of the old BB’s and that brought me a lot of smiles. I even got some chat time in. I love to chat. I wish more people liked it to.
So, anyway, I’ve been in a great mood today!

Since I don't have any current stitching to show right now, how about this..
This is the darling pinkeep I received from Jan for last year's Valentine's Exchange.

Back to stitching on my model project . . .

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let's see....

I am happily stitching on a model project. No pictures.

I just bought an old DT chart.
I missed the deadlines on a couple of exchanges that were tempting me, but there are one or two that may still reel me in.

Today, I joined a Quaker RR! Do you know how many Quaker RR's I have sat out? I lost count! I had sworn off RR's for a while. I did pretty good; I haven't joined one in years. In it's place I did a lot of exchanges which I find a lot of fun and more inviting because the commitment is short-lived. Now that I have actually accumulated a few quaker sources I figure I might as well join in. Most of the stitchers are familiar to me, and quite a few are right here in California. So that's cool.
I miss my old Birthday Buddies group. It was a small group and it's easier to get to know one another. We shared much the same taste in designs and you always knew anything you received from a fellow Buddy would be really great. I've joined several other groups and I'm spreading my "influence" lol.. wherever I can, but still, it's the friendship connection I want. All this rambling to say, I hope to establish some good friends among my fellow quaker stitchers. We start in a few months. Anyone have any old used quaker charts they'd like to trade?

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