Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sampler Guild Party

I had a fun day today. I belong to a sampler guild and today was our end of the year party. Our special speaker today was Jean Lea, of The Attic needlework shop in Mesa AZ. Our guild stitches ornaments for her shop's breast cancer fundraiser auction every year. As part of our year end gift we each received Jean's first published design and it's just wonderful. It's called the Chocolate Sampler and obviously, it's all about chocolate. She tucked in a couple of the chocolate Dove Promises in each kit and cautioned us not to leave it in the car with the hot sun on it. :) No problemo! Every member received a black bag with orange stitching that said "Sampler Treating at Orange Coast Sampler Guild." Then we when "treating" through the line where each one of the board members deposted a goodie in our bag - truffles, tea, commemorative needles, a special pin "Queen for a Day", and a teacup and saucer with our guild logo on it. We used our new tea cups for a tea party. We had opportunity tickets for door prizes. As usual, I didn't win anything. Not even the Merry Cox scholarship for our project next year. Sob sob. Just so we wouldn't feel left out, even those of us who were unlucky in the draw still got to pick a small gift. I chose the goodie bag from last years party that I missed. I love my sampler guild. Now for the next two months I better get to work on the pre-stitching for January's project.

So here's the ornament I donated. It's a freebie from the Chocolate Cat. It's called Christmas Rose. Visit for the freebie. This was supposed to just be a practice one but I ran out of time and this had to do for the real thing. Jean said the highest bid they have ever received on an ornament was $200! A funny lady at our guild asked, "was that for mine?" You know, it could have been!

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