Monday, October 09, 2006

OCSG Sampler Treating Time

Orange Coast Sampler Guild closed out another year with the annual year end party. This year we had a rousing game of bingo. I lost. And lost again and again and again. Not my game. Give me some strategy at least! I forgot to take a picture of the prize table. There's always cool tote bags, nested boxes etc. The big ticket again this year was a scholarship for the Merry Cox class in July. I crossed my fingers. And lost again. Dang. Oh well. Since it's October, every member is given a bag and goes through the treat line where the cabinet members get to pass out the goodies. This year we received a set of various papercraft needlework items all with "2006" and our OCSG logo on them - pinkeep, ruler, threadwinder, thread palette, and a booklet of finest english needles. We also each received this years' Whitman Sampler tin which can house all the items once we empty it of the chocolates. This years' is oblong and can fit a pen in it. So that's nice. At least a loser doesn't leave empty handed. lol... I did indulge in some dessert which was a lovely ginger cake with homemade caramel sauce and ice cream. I also ate three mini dark Milky Way squares and ferreted away a handful more for dh. tsk tsk tsk.

Part of the guild activities each year is an ornament drive. The ornaments are all donated to The Attic for their annual silent auction fundraiser for breast cancer research. The goal is to have at least 50 donated from our guild. Last year we surpassed that. This year only 18 ornaments were turned in. I'm sure some members will still mail theirs in. I stitched the BOAF Christmas Angel a few years ago and never finished it. I finished it off hurriedly today and though I'm glad I got it done it certainly won't be fetching any high bids that's for sure!

Oh yeah! That envelope with the girl on it is the finishing kit for Good Little Girls Sewing Companion project from earlier this year. I missed the finishing class and I forgot all about the finish kit, so that was an unexpected treat to bring home. I suppose I better work on it, especially since we've got some great classes coming next year. Listen to this line-up! Trisha Nguyen of Thistle Threads, Amy Mitten of Fibers to Dye For, Judy Odell, and as mentioned before, Merry Cox. Depending on how it looks, I may also take the class with Gay Ann Rogers who is designing a special case to house our OCSG scrimshaw set. Since I only have 1 of the 5 pieces I'll wait and see what the piece looks like before I decide yea or nay. They said we'll have a course from Hillside Samplings too but it will just be a group project, not led by the designer. We have to wait until January before we will see any pictures of anything. This does try my patience.

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