Saturday, January 06, 2007

She's Flying (again)

The hard part about having the dear-sweet-darling-wonderful daughter home from college is the part when you have to say "good-bye". I am a big fat cry baby. The whole airport thing is the worst. The drive coming home from the airport is the worst. It's just all the worst, and tomorrow will still be "the worst". I missed her before she even boarded the plane. She is such a joy to me, to us all, I can't imagine how I'm going to get along without her. Yet, I know I will. Just right now, my heart is torn apart. :...( But this is how it's supposed to be. You grow them up and then they fly, and you're happy that they're flying. I'd just like to go flying with her! boo-hoo-hoo... Aghhh!!! Really, I am the biggest crybaby anytime there's this separation thing. It happened every single time our other daughter left from a weekend at home (which wasn't nearly often enough). Now the other one is on the other side of the country, so no weekend visits with this one, not even once in a while. I am so thankful for the last four glorious weeks with her. Most students only have a two week break, but at least this semester, it worked out for her to leave a couple of weeks before most.

Here she is, Boston Girl. Might I add.. she is modelling the scarf I made her. I hurriedly added the fringe to it today and I did a lousy job of it, but it's my first completed knitting project. (Insert loud cheers) A dear friend gave me a knitting lesson a couple of years ago during my recovery time. For some reason, I am bound and determined to knit socks. Of all things.. I must knit socks. I have no idea why it's such a strong desire, but there it is. This scarf was my first real, albeit super easy, project so that I may proclaim to the world, "I knit". I am quite amused with myself. I had to relearn what I'd been taught but I was happy it came back to me with a little practice. Anyway, that was one of her Christmas gifts. I've also begun my first pair of socks. I got as far as the heel and had to set it aside, but I'll get back to it this month. Guess what I did yesterday though? I knit a dishcloth. I finished it today. Here it is! My second completed knitting project. I don't use dishcloths but I thought it would be a good practice project. It's got a couple of goofs but I still like it. It was a KAL. That's knit talk.


Vonna said...

Ahhh, I feel so sorry for you...I am dreading the day my chicks fly away from the nest, so although I don't know the pain now, I know in the future I will.
I LOVE knitted discloths and that's the only reason I learned to knit! LOL!
I think the scarf looks very nice and your DD is beautiful :)

Barbara said...

Great scarf and dishcloth. And your daughter is beautiful!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

My DS flew off to Korea in July and won't be back until June of 2008. I feel your pain. Not hearing his voice is making me crazy. Congrats on the knitting projects (note plural). Happy sock knitting, CJ P.S. I never made it to my second sock. Hope you make it a pair.

Sharon said...

Your daughter is beautiful and your scarf is lovely too!

Laura said...

Your daughter's such a cutie, gf! Love that cuddly scarf she's wearing, too. Congrats on your finish. :-D Let me know if you need help turning that heel. Take care, though. Sock knitting can be highly addictive.

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