Monday, December 27, 2004

Getting organized

Many cross stitchers have two hobbies in one -- stitching and collecting stitching materials. We call the later "stash". Sometimes my stash is pure enjoyment and other times I feel very guilty about it. I have much more than I need. Yet, when new and fanciful things make their debut I want them too. Lately, I've been hearing about being "on the wagon" and stitching from our stash. I have decided I would really like to try to do this. The problem is there are a few items I want that are holding me back from making this jump. It should be much easier than it seems though because I am broke right now, so why should I worry about buying more? What I am doing to get started is making a list of the things I have started and the things I want to start this coming year. I thought my list was ridiculously long until I saw some other stitcher's lists. Another thing holding me back was the aversion to being a bit too organized about it. I stitch for enjoyment, I don't want it to become a taskmaster. I've felt that feeling when I was overcommited to too many round robins - three to be exact. I hated that. I felt like I was always stitching on someone else's work and I didn't get any of my own stitching done that year. I've avoided round robins since then but then I replaced it with smaller commitments of ornaments or mail art or other small pieces. I like that social part of it. The connection with another person who loves stitching as I do. I've seen some incredible round robin pieces the past year though and I couldn't help but feel regret. All I have to do though is look in the boxes and drawers around my stitching area and I remember why I had such resolve. I haven't begun to put a dent in all I want to stitch.
With all this rambling all I wished to say is that I want to have a good starting place for the coming year and a little organizing will help me get there.

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