Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Stitching beginings and what the internet did for me LOL

I learned embroidery as a young girl. I stitched many pillow cases with x's and lazy daisies. My mom taught me that much. I never really had any more instruction... just being around mom was it. She sewed, so I sewed. I taught myself to use the sewing machine when I was about 10. I think I made a book bag. I made a lot of my own school clothes. I taught myself macrame when that was the craze. I did a little rug hooking. I've done a couple of needlepoint ornaments but just tent stitch. I have a quilt top that never got quilted but I really would love to be a quilter. A dear friend taught me to knit this year but I am just a beginner. Cross stitch is my passion. It wasn't until I finally succomed to the internet at home, about 7 years ago, that I discovered how much I didn't know about my hobby. I had no idea how popular it was or how much variety there was. I'll never forget my shock and surprise at the pages and pages of links that fated day I typed in "cross stitch" on a search engine. I was behind the times and I've been trying to catch up ever since. It didn't take long to amass more stash than any one person needs but it was fun becoming SABLE. Unfortunately, I was so far behind the times that even much of what I sought after in the beginning of my quest is likely never to be stitched. So, though it can be a source of guilt due to the cash I sunk in to it... much of it is useless to me now. Don't worry, I now have plenty of fanciful newer things but I still find I can not keep up with the newest things. Well..... there's plenty more to come... this should be fun!Here's some of the things I've stitched in the past year.

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