Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let's see....

I am happily stitching on a model project. No pictures.

I just bought an old DT chart.
I missed the deadlines on a couple of exchanges that were tempting me, but there are one or two that may still reel me in.

Today, I joined a Quaker RR! Do you know how many Quaker RR's I have sat out? I lost count! I had sworn off RR's for a while. I did pretty good; I haven't joined one in years. In it's place I did a lot of exchanges which I find a lot of fun and more inviting because the commitment is short-lived. Now that I have actually accumulated a few quaker sources I figure I might as well join in. Most of the stitchers are familiar to me, and quite a few are right here in California. So that's cool.
I miss my old Birthday Buddies group. It was a small group and it's easier to get to know one another. We shared much the same taste in designs and you always knew anything you received from a fellow Buddy would be really great. I've joined several other groups and I'm spreading my "influence" lol.. wherever I can, but still, it's the friendship connection I want. All this rambling to say, I hope to establish some good friends among my fellow quaker stitchers. We start in a few months. Anyone have any old used quaker charts they'd like to trade?


Von said...

Hi SS,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. :)
We don't attend the Calvary Chapel here in Kennewick, but belong to Grace United Reformed Church, just a block down the street, lol! The father/daughter dance is sponsored by Calvary Chapel, but open to any father/daughter and many churches are represented. There were over 1,000 people!
I hope this new RR works well for you. I know sometimes people drop the ball and ruin it for everyone.
Have a great week!!

AnneS said...

Hope your new Quaker RR brings that friendship quality back again - stitching friends are absolutely the best! :))

Stephanie said...

Thought I would pop in and say hi. I'm looking forward to the Quaker RR too. Though I'm beginning to think I'm in over my head with all of the wonderful stitchers who are participating. lol. I was also did you get into model stitching? I think that would be a fun side job...or at least a way to combine my passion with work. :-)

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

I was tempted by that Quaker RR, but really don't have enough Quaker patterns to do one. I'll just watch this one, I guess. ;)

Have you thought about suggesting a Birthday Buddies group on the exchange bb? There might be enough interest over there.

A n i z a said...

Hello, Veronica!
I missed the BBuddies too. And I'm so glad to be back online again. Keep stitching, I'll check out on yr blog!! Hugs

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