Friday, December 29, 2006

Some thoughts for today

I don't exactly know what this entry is going to be about. I'll just start in and see where it goes.

I skipped that whole 10/25/50 deal. Now, New Year's Resolutions are the talk. I am an anti-resolution sort of gal. Yet, I do feel a need for some focus. I'm not any good at making resolutions. My first thought is just to make a few very general proclamations and leave it at that. But what good is that? Then I go the other direction and start listing everything I can think of that I might want to do. Again, what good is that?
Here's a couple that may make the cut, that is if I decide to venture forth into the resolution making madness -
1. Start a Spanish sampler
2. Finish a Merry Cox piece

The other thing I wanted to talk about was my holiday project starts. It didn't happen. I did start Heaven Is My Hope (The Scarlet Letter) on Thanksgiving. I really thought I'd be starting two more projects, Sarah Moon December 1, and another one on Christmas Day. Didn't happen. I needed some supplies and I was struggling with purchasing anything when I have plenty of other things I can start that I don't need to buy anything for. Unfortunately, those other things just aren't as interesting now. I do have a couple of large gift certificates I can use, but I waited too long to place the orders and I won't have them in time for New Years start either. :( All of this is actually good! It means I've been far too busy with other things. Those other things would be my family. (Oh yeah, people. Interaction and the such. Good. LOL... ) In the meantime, I've been working on HIMH while I wait for the next round of the quaker round robin. When I started this piece I really had no thought of actually finishing it. Isn't that silly?! It's just that I've had it for a while and I got such a screaming deal on it and it was ready to go since it was a kit. I had already decided I would use the kit as is and not substitute the fabric or the cotton floss. It is such a large sampler that I thought if I were to swap the supplies out I would be investing more in it than I want to and I'd rather spend it on other new charts or fibers and fabrics I need for other cool projects. I'm not too keen on this linen but I can deal with it. Here's a progress shot after stitching on her by candlelight the other night. I was desperate! It's not on 32ct though. It's on 30ct and, as you see, there's a lot of repetitive stitching and that doesn't require consulting the chart so much, that's why I was able to work on it in such little light. The queen stitches will require full light.

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Laura said...

Happy new year, Veronica!

I love how your HIMH is coming along. Purty!

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