Wednesday, January 04, 2006

SBQ January 4th

Now that I'm ready to blog a little more regularly, I thought I'd tackle the Stitching Bloggers Question of the Day. This is my first time.
Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you like better? Why?

I do my stash shopping both at my LNS and several ONS also. Why shop a ONS when I have enormous LNS just about 25 minutes from where I live? (I used to live 15 minutes away.)
1. They don’t carry some of my very favorite designers.
2. They never, ever, have a sale! (Clearancing unsold junk doesn't count.)
3. They aren’t very friendly. This greatly diminishes the personal touch.
4. Except for some pre-cuts, the fabric is behind the counter. Everybody knows the #1 reason to go the LNS is to see, and touch. Yes, they'll put it out on the counter for you, but remember #3. On the other hand, they have nearly every fiber I use most, except for NPS and Gloriana, and they keep them nice and clean in tiny labeled bags.

My top 3 reasons for shopping on-line:
1. Sales!
2. Selection
3. Convenience
These top 3 reasons are also my downfall. LOL... I venture to say the bulk of my overwhelming stash was purchased on-line. That is not counting auctions and trading boards, etc. which have also greatly contributed to my addiction.

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Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Valentine's Day Give-away, enter now!