Saturday, January 28, 2006

World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project

My 9-11 World Trade Center panel is finally complete. I had big plans to compile a stat sheet of some facts describing the 18 lives on my list. I thought the sight I had would give me more information than it did. My desire was to bring more of a personal dimension. I have studied their faces and prayed for their families and loved ones. I will always remember 9-11. This stitching experience has helped me memorialize people who left their homes and went to work that day. I am privileged to honor their memory in this small way.

Here's all I can tell you about these dear souls at this time:
• I had 13 men and 5 women on my list.
• Their ages range from 26 to 56
• The average age of my 18 names is 40.7
• I know from the comments I read that one woman had 4 children
• Two of the men have 1 child each
• Employers: 1- American Exp, 2- Aon Corp, 1- Cantor Fitzgerald, 1- Euro Brokers, 1- IQ Fin, 1- LJ Gonzer, 6- Marsh, 1- NY State Dept Tax, 3- NY Fire Dept, 1- Vestek

Interested in stitching a panel? There are a few people who have not followed through and they are looking for people to fill in those spots now.
World Trade Center Cross Stitch Quilt