Monday, March 05, 2007

Circular Needles and Socks

Here is my first sock in progress. Actually, this is round two. I started it months ago but ran into a problem when I was only using 4 dpn's instead of 5 dpn's. (The cheap set of needles I bought only came with 4 dpns. Now I think it's a crime they even sell them like that.) I kept making errors in counting and wasn't quite sure where the rounds began. I think I got it going ok again but I didn't like the very top of the leg and knowing how many errors it had in it I knew I would not feel any satisfaction if I ever finished it. So... I finally pronounced it dead and ripped it all out. I think I will do fine the next time I use 5 dpn's but this time I decided to try another method. I checked out Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, from the local library. Sounds good, I thought, and I've set out to see if that is true for me. It's working out quite well! I've gotten past turning the heel and the gusset and now I'm just travelling down the foot. I am just using the first pattern in the book which is just a basic sock. It's ribbed in k2 p2. It's a bit snug around the gusset for me. If I had more confidence I would have adjusted the numbers, because a womens medium I think is a little small for me, but a men's medium is too big so I couldn't use those numbers provided in the book. I think I need a women's medium and a half. LOL.. The first attempt was with size 3's but I went down to size 2's with the circulars. I'm still learning and trying to remember everything I've been reading. I'm a little foggy on it but I think changing needle size would work, and if I just knit the same pattern with size 3's that I might get a better fit. But then the fabric would be looser too. I think that the tighter fabric is more comfortable. Right? Maybe I want a 2.5 needle. Hmmm. I guess I can ditch the stitch markers since I'm passed the gusset but they are just there for the ride. One is a big needle with a string of yarn on it and the other is a big safety pin with a loop of floss on it. Fancy, aren't they? The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes I bought at the Tall Mouse here in Irvine.


Barbara said...

Cool!!! (Or should I say warm? It looks very cozy.)

Laura said...

It's looking marvelous, Veronica. :-) Very glad you started over.

Yes, 5 DPNs are easier to manage than 4. I think so, anyway. Some brands do (or at least did) make DPNs in size 2-1/2. That may be what you need.

A firmer fabric usually wears better than a looser one...

Amy said...

I am finishing up the toe of my 2nd sock from the same pattern.......I like Cats method....Your sock is KOOL!

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