Saturday, March 03, 2007

Royal Mail from the Land of Paisley

I love it! I got another exchange via "Royal Mail". Paula, Celtic Stitcher, stitched me this adorable set for the SBEB Redwork Exchange. The needlebook is already employed with the Quaker round robin I am working on. The other piece is a fob with a magnet attached to the back- a very handy touch, good for needles or for sticking to my Lowery frame. Fabbo! I love the natural style of linen she chose, as I think it adds a sort of rustic/ethnic touch. Oh, and I think she used one of those finishing forms for the fob. I've been wanting to try them, now I know I need to buy some. I also got a cute cut of fabric with butterflies and some assorted Mill Hill beads.

Check this out. Paula also enclosed a postcard of the town she lives in. The caption on the back reads
Paisley, Home of the Paisley Pattern. Paisley has a wealth of the Victorian and Edwardian architecture, much of it gifted by the owners of the town's great thread mills, the Coats and Clark families. Its Medieval masterpiece is Paisley Abbey.
Now, how cool is that! I think it an apropos place for a needleworker to live, wouldn't you say? Now when I see paisley prints I'll think of Paula from Scotland. Thanks for everything, Paula! I'd love to visit your land someday.


Barbara said...

Great stitching, and I just love the local tie-in - I'll think of Scotland every time I see paisely now, too! :)

KarenV said...

Lovely exchange - lucky you!

Vonna said...

Whoa! That IS fabulous stitching and the magnet idea...well that is simply inspired!
Lucky You!!
I'd love to visit Scotland too someday, I have ancestors from there and England...but alas, I shall probably only get as close as eating Walker's Shortbreads and drinking tea with a swallow of Whiskey thrown in for good measure!

Kajsa said...

Both the needlebook and fob looks lovely. What a wonderful package!

Nicki said...

Great exchange pieces :)

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Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Valentine's Day Give-away, enter now!