Friday, November 24, 2006

Family. Food. Stitching. What more could you want?

Thanksgiving was wonderful. When you have a large family, holiday's can get rather, shall we say, "eventful", even before the day arrives. This year, the location of our gathering changed back and forth three times, who was cooking, where/who was cooking the turkey, who was driving who, oh all sort of details being commented on by some who weren't even going to be there but had to enter their 2c. Ah, the joys of a large family full of strong personalities desperately trying to stay in check :) LOL.. The food was amazing. The new baby in the family put smiles on everyone's face. Tough guy brother-in-law sobbed while retelling his grandmother's story of being a genocide survivor. There was a huge family photo taken, less one stubborn nephew who refused to join in. He is 31... not 3! LOL...

My Thanksgiving Day New Project Start ended up being the Scarlet Letter's Heaven is My Hope. I barely made even a start! LOL.. I tried to stitch while visiting and chatting and I just didn't get very far.
Here it is, such as it is....
I dislike the greek key border, but I love the rest of it and I am wondering if I will ever complete this enormous sampler. Alas, away she goes for now. I won't be working on this for at least another two weeks. I have two ornaments that need finishing and a quaker round robin to work on. Besides that, I am going to start Sarah Moon December 1. hahaha. I discovered an SAL on one of my groups that is getting ready to start. Since I was already considering her for Christmas, I will just move her up a couple weeks. Then I can start something different on Christmas. LOL... If I do it, I will have four starts within 2 months time, not including some more ornaments I am going to do. hehehe. I just had the silly idea of trying to see how many new projects I can start between now and New Years. Crazy. Maybe I'll just see how many projects I can kit up between now and New Years. Maybe I'll kit up a bunch of ornaments! Ooohh I like that idea. Generally, I don't make up kits until I'm ready to stitch the project, so this actually sounds like something that might help me get more things worked into my rotation.

Oh, yes! I received my first ornament exchange of the four I'm signed up for. It's awesome! I'll do a post later to show you that. Gotta take a photo of it first. Plus, I have to show off what my dear husband busied himself with today while I was out.

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Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Valentine's Day Give-away, enter now!