Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Holiday Starts

I'm not quite ready to take the plunge into the 10/25/50 world. I am, however, trying to decide which projects I want to start next. Yeah, yeah, nevermind how many I already have going, that's not the point. I am going to start a new project on each of the upcoming holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Now, that sounds fun!

1. Catherine Agnes (Indigo Rose) - I'd love to start her on Thanksgiving. I have the chart but I am lacking in the Waterlilies department. A very kind soul is sending me the remainder of her fibers but I will still need to come up with the rest. Anyone interested in splitting fibers with me on the rest? It's all done in Waterlilies.

2. Sarah Moon (Needleprints) - Also a possible Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas start. I have the chart and probably a fabric I can use. I'm planning on using Vicki Clayton for this one and I have a large gift credit I can use for it. :)

3. Heaven is My Hope - I got a screaming deal on this Scarlet Letter kit. If I stitch it I will just use the DMC and linen that came with it.

4. Any With My Needle design. I have so many I want to do but I'll have to see which can be kitted from stash on hand. Ellen is one of my favorite designers. (I put a bunch of them here but I have several others too.)

5. A Spanish sampler - Again, I have several collected but I've yet to even begin one! I've started working on a special blog I will be dedicating to it when I do start. I'm thinking New Years for this one. Anyone want to SAL with me? (Many pictured here...I do have more!)

6. American Sampler - featured in Treasures Magazine. Doesn't this sound like a good Thanksgiving start? I've been collecting the AVS for it for a long time. I may go with this one if I don't get a fiber pal for Catherine Agnes.

So, here I am testing out AOL's version of picture hosting. Eh. Might as well. I've tried at least half a dozen other photo hosting places. It's fun how they're all coming up with fun little slide show tricks.


Sue said...

That's quite an ambitious list! Good for you, Veronica.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion for a LNS in Long Beach. I didn't get to get out besides a working dinner at the Belmont Brewery. I couldn't get over the oil drills everywhere! First time I have actually seen one of those things.
I'll come back and visit your blog looks like we have the same interests in cross stitching!

Pam said...

I have Catherine Agnes nearly finished.

I love spanish samplers. I have a couple -- well 4 of them. I have Spanish Geometrical partly done. My next big one will be Kay Montclare's Spanish. It's sort of a cross between the Orton Spanish and Blue Ribbon Sampler. OOP. I also have the Threads of Gold one which I really love. It's a bit scary lots of over 3 thread work.

I would love to do Sarah Moon but with Christmas coming - I dont' think I have stash money.

With My Needle -- I love her stuff!! I have three on the go nearly finished.


Wendy said...

Those are some gorgeous projects you have to start! Good luck with deciding just which one to begin with!!

Laura said...

Your project list sounds great, gf. :-)

Um, is that image supposed to be *of* something? All I see is a solid black rectangle. :-(

Anonymous said...

Guaooo asi que hablas español? me encanta el indigo rose, esta en mi lista...pero dudo que por este año empieze algo debo terminar mis regalos, tu Ay carumba es de una cancion? de donde hablas español?
bueno me encantan todosssss tus listas de bordado...

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