Monday, November 13, 2006

Two down, two to go

The hard part about stitching for exchanges is when you like the item so much you don't want to send it! Then there's this part when you want to show a picture but want to keep it a secret still.
One I stitched based on the persons love for animals. Not being much of an animal lover myself I wouldn't usually chose this design. I really like it though! The other one had to be a Prairie Schooler design. I have a lot of PS books so the hard part was choosing the design. Someone is going to get a really darling m _ _ _ _ n. I goofed on the finishing but it's hidden on the back.
The next one I need to get some supplies for. I'm really looking forward to this one and I have a real bad feeling I'm not going to want to let it go either. LOL... I haven't made up my mind what to stitch for the fourth one yet.

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Sue said...

Whatever you do stitch, I know it will be beautiful!