Friday, November 24, 2006

Mr. Christmas arrives!

LOL.. I didn't intend for this to be it's own post but I forgot to add it on to the previous one. I am married to Mr. Christmas. My husband is really into Christmas and he loves to decorate. Christmas has started at our house the day after Thanksgiving for most of our married lives. When we owned our house we had one of the most decorated houses on the street and my husband was in unspoken competition with the fireman neighbor across the street. One year, he swore the neighbor kid sabatoged a string of our lights on purpose. LOL... When we moved away we seriously had neighbors telling us they would miss our Christmas house. Well, where we are at now, he just doesn't feel like decorating the outside because it's sort of hidden back from what passers by would see and we don't have a lawn or anything. He even gave away our lawn decorations because the garage is overfull. We seriously have Christmas wall in our garage. That is how much stuff we have. But, there's always inside! LOL..
I was out today with my mom and family, and when I got home and walked toward the condo and saw our lit up wreath on the door, I knew it. Mr. Christmas had arrived. When I opened the door, I found the living room all decked out and ready. The tree is up. The nativity is set up. The mantle is decorated and stockings hung. The stairail is decorated. The table linens have been changed to the everyday Christmas cover and the snowman placemats are out as well as the centerpiece that will grace our table everyday. We'll leave the tree undecorated until our younger daughter comes home from college for Christmas break. We are on countdown.. just 15 more days. He even changed the bathroom towels to red/green and put a Christmas candle in there and a couple of snowmen on the counter. This is one of the many things that I love about my husband, the one and only, Mr. Christmas.


Sue said...

Wow, Veronica, that's wonderful! I love the stockings, too.

Carina said...

Lucky you, Veronica! I wish Mr. Christmas would come decorate my house while I'm out! What a wonderful hubby you have!

Laura said...

Wonderful! :-D

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