Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quaker Update x2

Now that I'm ready to post a pic of the current round I realize I never posted a pic for that last round. So here's both :)

This is the part I stitched on Nancy's piece. She chose hers to be a monochromatic of Vicky Clayton's Wenge on sand linen. What a beautiful color combination! Sorry the color is not right on this photo. Nancy had us add our own initials and the initials of someone who inspired us in our needlework. I added my mothers initials. I stitched the crown and the wheat motifs. (Eternal life and the bread of life.)

This is the part I added to Terri's piece. Terri has provided a beautiful pallet of Vicky Clayton silks for us to choose from and we are stitching on Vintage Lakeside Linen, Examplar, I think. She asked us to add something that signified something about ourselves if we could. The best I could come up with was a tree. Yes, I am a tree. LOL.. no, no. We do have swans in the lake nearby and I wanted to stitch a swan, but I wanted to use white or ecru which weren't in the pallet. Since my city is something like the "Tree City of America", or something like that, a tree was called to the occasion. I also added the smaller half medallion of roses in the marvelous color Rufous. I think this is turning out nicely. (What is "rufous" anyway? )


AnneS said...

The quaker RR's are coming along beautifully :)

Sue said...

Beautiful , Veronica!

Thanks for the photos.

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Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Valentine's Day Give-away, enter now!